2022 color of the year according to Sigma Coatings

2022 color of the year for Sigma Coatings is Olive Sprig

For 2022 Sigma Coatings, a brand of PPG Architectural Coatings Italy, which promotes a conscious use of color in interior design through the Voice of Colour platform, has chosen a color expressing comfort, serenity and relaxation: Olive Sprig.


Olive Sprig evokes the delicate hues of plants and transfers all their calming power to the environments we live in. With Olive Sprig, Sigma Coatings expands the horizons of color design even further; to continue to inspire professionals, Olive Sprig comes with three color ranges for 2022, perfect for highlighting its versatility.

Discover La Suite Hotel in Matera, designed with Voice of Colour, the color strategy developed by Sigma Coatings


2022 color trends

Invaluable, the first color range, is an elegant palette that has its roots in tradition. It adds depth and warmth to any space, thanks to its dark, saturated and refined colors inspired by the most glamorous interiors. This trend is inspired by reassuring traditions and reinterprets iconic design with a contemporary twist. Styles and inspirations from the past overlap, reusing and renovating vintage pieces and antiques in a nostalgic and, most importantly, sustainable way.

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Introspective is the promise of an intimate and comforting space for those in search of balance and well-being. A color palette dedicated to those who have self-care as their priority and appreciate the simple pleasures of life. Its soft hues help relieve stress and create cozy, comfortable spaces. Handcrafted details and natural materials meet to create environments with an intimate and refined atmosphere.

Discover La Suite Hotel in Matera, designed with Voice of Colour, the color strategy developed by Sigma Coatings

Lastly, Inspired is the ideal choice for those who see color as an inexhaustible source of energy and positivity. The hues in this color palette are vibrant and energetic, dedicated to the primary palette of the pop art movement and the brightness of digital art. This trend expresses the optimism of color and a joyful story of renewal. Unconventional shapes and eclectic objects mix to surprise and arise joy and curiosity.


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