At Triennale Milano, Non Si Butta Via Niente

Triennale Milano and the creative reuse of Non Si Butta Via Niente team up to recycle exhibits at Milan Design Week 2022

Non Si Butta Via Niente (‘nothing goes to waste’), Italy’s first platform dedicated to recycle and reuse museum exhibits, and Triennale Milano are partnering in a new initiative aimed at reusing materials used for exhibition displays after their end. NonSiButtaViaNiente is an innovative startup and benefit corporation born from Cariplo Factory’s “Innovamusei” incubator program, with contributions from InnovaMusei -Regione Lombardia, Unioncamere Lombardia and Fondazione Cariplo. The goal of Non Si Butta Via Niente is to minimize the environmental impact of museum displays and stored materials by creatively reusing them.

triennale milano design week 2022

Non Si Butta Via Niente: recycling exhibition displays

Therefore, Triennale Milano will provide the sharing platform with various exhibits, often created by established designers, making them available for reuse by other museums. In line with the purest “nothing goes to waste” spirit, the fittings from past exhibitions will be transformed into new ones activating a virtuous circuit of exchange.

triennale milano design week 2022

Other museums will also be able to use the platform; in this way, an observatory on sustainability, a sort of research center for the good use of resources for museum displays, will be created. Moreover, a list of innovative materials produced from waste that can be used in exhibition design, a kind of handbook of sustainable design, will be created.

Highlights at Milan Design Week 2022

triennale milano design week 2022

The first result of this collaboration between Triennale Milano and Non Si Butta Via Niente is an exhibition-workshop to be held on 4 and 5 June 2022 at Triennale Milano, as a preview of Milan Design Week 2022. The show integrates education and exhibition, allowing visitors to discover samples of neo materials, objects and reuse experiences. The neo materials come from waste collection carried out on a neighborhood scale and, through their aesthetics, bring with them the memory of past uses.

Waste plastics are sorted based on their composition and thermoplastic behavior. Suitable waste is processed, ground, and then subjected to die casting, extrusion, or injection molding. After processing, the waste is transformed into new materials to make art and design objects.

La Fabbrica di Giocattoli
Triennale – Milan Design Week, 4-5 June 2022
3:30 pm
Duration: 120 minutes

Free participation, reservation required: write to specifying number and age of participating children and number of accompanying adults – maximum one per child

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