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DDN Kitchen Product Selection Salone del Mobile 2024

The Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024 has just concluded. Here you will find our top selection including some of the most innovative products we saw at EuroCucina and FTK, Technology For the Kitchen

This year’s Salone del Mobile hosted the biennial exhibitions EuroCucina, with its side event FTK, Technology For the Kitchen (Halls 2-4), and International Bathroom Exhibition (Halls 6-10). From April 16-21, we had the opportunity to see kitchens made with increasingly technological and resistant materials, new nuances, extraordinary reissues, and the latest accessories and appliances at EuroCucina 2024. And there are also some models for the lovers of outdoor life.

DDN TOP Products Selection – EuroCucina and FTK 2024

At EuroCucina 2024, Aran Cucine presented Luce and Girasole, the company’s first outdoor kitchen.

Luce is not only the new kitchen presented by the brand; it is also a transformative journey made in collaboration with designer Marco Piva, which transforms domestic spaces into real life stories, blending high craftsmanship and the latest trends. Luce’s majestic boiserie creates a sense of cohesion and visual harmony while serving as an artistic background. At the center of the project is an element that has always been dominant in the style of the well-known designer: light. As a matter of fact, perimeter and recessed light, whose intensity can be controlled remotely, illuminates spaces enhancing details and finishes.

Girasole, on the other hand, is made of eco-sustainable materials: natural teak wood top, recyclable aluminum frame, and Terracotta stoneware-covered single unit. The operating area of the single unit is equipped with a one-bowl sink equipped with retractable mixing faucet, a 30-cm Teppanyaki grill and a 30-cm induction cooktop. ARAN Cucine’s know-how manages to express its genuine refinement through authentic details; in fact, this clever solution allows the sink to be hidden when not in use, lending a clean and uncluttered aesthetic to the surrounding environment. Moreover, Girasole is equipped with wheels, for easy movement, and shelf with built-in LED light.


Arrex‘s exclusive display at EuroCucina 2024 sought to celebrate the fusion of ethics and aesthetics, design and sustainability. In an extraordinary exhibition space, the company created four unique settings inspired by the four elements of nature, blending harmoniously with the sustainable mood and innovative aesthetics of the new Color Selection Arrex, a collection of colors inspired by nature.

As a result, Arrex transformed its booth into four separate homes, each dedicated to a natural element: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Pictured is the kitchen inspired by Earth, distinguished by a warm and welcoming environment, where design blends with the solidity and stability of the earth. Natural materials, dark tones, gold and clay details make this kitchen a place of connection with nature.

The new GEA program

The GEA cabinet door is a result of ARREX’s research, an expression of the brand’s green thinking and stylistic research, offered in 5 Eco PET finishes, three 100% recyclable PET cements, and an unprecedented selection of lacquer colors divided into four moods – Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Each element evokes a magic, a feeling, a quality of living that belongs to the world and expressiveness of Arrex.

The new cement PET and smooth Eco PET finishes dress the GEA and LOFT 2.2 doors. The colors are inspired by the mineral world, by natural surfaces that are solid and textural, or as bright and crystalline as sugar.


After the hugely successful classic version, Lube presented Agnese Style at EuroCucina 2024. A sophisticated kitchen whose contemporary design is manifested through the trendy colors and finishes used for the framed door.

Agnese Style has a unique ability to be combined perfectly with the other modern models. This versatility allows the kitchen or living area to be customized, creating unique and flexible combinations able to meet any need or taste. A blend of elegance and distinctiveness. Agnese Style framed doors are combined with the lacquered or melamine smooth doors of the contemporary models giving the kitchen a harmonious fusion of styles.

The shelves can be equipped with backlighting systems, while the columns with aluminum framed doors are fitted with extra-clear glass, ensuring an impeccable view of the objects inside.

Lastly, Agnese Style proposes a wide range of colors – from neutral to vibrant shades. Particularly interesting are the new Pearl Effect Lacquered finishes, which give the kitchen a timeless elegance.


Already present in kitchens around the world with its iconic suction systems, Elica boasts many new products: innovative appliances with surprising designs that consolidate the company’s evolution in the world of cooking. A journey celebrated with a completely revamped brand identity: a restyling of the logo that recalls the origins and a radical image change, guided by the pay-off Extraordinary Cooking, which expresses the brand’s attitude of thinking outside the box to create beauty and value, anticipating market trends and igniting new ideas, opportunities and experimentation every day.

In the EuroCucina 2024 booth, created by Calvi Brambilla and Partners and covering an area of 780 square meters, each interior space, marked by colors and installations created for the occasion, allowed the brand’s novelties to be displayed through a journey of sensory discovery.

This year’s novelties include Lhov and Illusion. Lhov is an all-in-one appliance that integrates hood, cooktop and oven into a single product. After being launched two years ago, it is now available on the market, perfected in all its outstanding functions. On the other hand, Illusion is the hood that mounts flush with the ceiling and turns on, adjusts and turns off by itself, or by using the app or voice assistant.


At EuroCucina 2024, Falmec offered a new way of interpreting suction through a design invisible to the eyes to fit into a modular and multifunctional kitchen project: a revolutionary approach that expands the horizons of architects’ and designers’ creative and design freedom. Going beyond the form means offering functional solutions in line with contemporary aesthetics, in which extraction becomes the technological “heart”, guarded and perfectly integrated with both the cooking and the configuration of the kitchen itself with new features. Falmec’s stated goal remains the same: to make the kitchen environment an increasingly comfortable and healthy place through unique technologies and solutions that can improve daily life and experience in the kitchen.


At EuroCucina 2024 Samsung reaffirmed its commitment for a connected home life. The journey at Samsung’s booth started with the Bespoke AI zone, which demonstrated the expansion of connectivity. It focused on connectivity not only in the kitchen, but also in the rest of the home, making users’ life simple and intuitive, requiring less effort in carrying out domestic activities.

Samsung highlighted the experience enhanced and realized by multiple screens. The AI Family Hub™ and AI Home — a 7-inch screen built into the Bespoke AI Laundry Combo™ and Anyplace induction cooktop — are key components of this. Through the screens, users can get useful information on the device itself or get a phone call directly on the Bespoke AI Laundry Combo™ while doing laundry. But the most important part is that the screens enable the appliances to connect with and control other devices through the SmartThings ecosystem. For example, they feature SmartThings 3D Map View, a three-dimensional perspective of the home that locates connected Samsung appliances throughout the house. It streamlines operations such as turning off connected devices and checking their energy usage.

With the SmartThings Energy Away mode, SmartThings automatically powers off the chosen appliances and devices when users are out of home. Moreover, it also introduces energy saving solutions. With Optimal Charging, the robot vacuum cleaner only charges up to 60% during peak hours, while Optimal Scheduling automatically schedules the dishwasher’s cycle during off-peak hours.

F1rst 75 AI refrigerator

Among the new built-in appliances presented this year at EuroCucina 2024, the F1rst 75 AI fridge freezer is Samsung’s first built-in model for 75-cm modules. Thanks to connectivity, users can monitor their energy usage and estimate monthly energy bills through SmartThings AI Energy Mode. The energy saving mode can also help users save energy by changing the compressor speed and the frequency of the defrost cycle. As for keeping food fresh, the Twin Cooling™ system ensures that food stays fresher for longer by changing the temperature and humidity in the refrigerator and freezer using independent evaporators and fans.


Among this year’s new products from Scavolini at EuroCucina 2024 are also Stilo and Poetica.

Designed by Spalvieri & Del Ciotto, Stilo reinterprets the kitchen as an environment that fosters conviviality and the meeting of people, stories and relationships, giving it a marked architectural and material imprint, which is combined with maximum functionality. Thanks to the combination of different furniture elements, the home is thus transformed into a more dynamic space, where people prepare meals, socialize, work.

The project design stands out for its understated geometric silhouettes which lend each configuration superior formal value and harmonious volumes, thereby creating the perfect blend of aesthetics and organization.

Stilo’s sophisticated details are expressed in the pure and rigorous shape of the cylinder, which is this model’s distinguishing feature: an element repeated horizontally and vertically in the design, giving rise to handles, shelves, desks, light bars and equipped bars to organize kitchen utensils. The choice between two colors, black and titanium, makes it possible to set up various configurations: black conveys a magnetic and sophisticated allure, while titanium gives the whole ensemble a more gentle and natural touch, adding a more radiant note to the setting.

Rigorous and timeless elegance is perfectly combined with high-quality materials and striking finishes. Countless alternatives are proposed, ranging from the most essential to the most sophisticated solutions. Among these, Fenix® Orissa stands out, which, combined with the handle and grip in the black shade, gives the project a bold and contemporary look.

Poetica by Vuesse

Poetica is Scavolini’s new furniture system designed by Vuesse, distinguished by a sophisticated and bewitching harmony between elements from the past and modern proportions which become the model’s distinguishing feature, lending the surroundings a unique and timeless charm.

The distinguishing feature of Poetica is its superior aesthetic value guaranteed by the particular door processing, which emblemizes a style that brings together refined retro-inspired motifs with modern and functional details. The 23-mm-thick door features a slim solid ash wood frame and a central panel veneered in matching wood finish: this detail embraces classic style features while offering a lively, contemporary look.

In addition to the reduced frame size, the topical appeal of the project can also be seen in the door opening with “intermediate” Round recessed grip profile which introduces a new take on compositions, underscored also by the continuity of the plain full-height doors on the tall units. To add another architectural touch, the interior of the configurations can also be integrated with the new Vertical System wall paneling.

Unox Casa

At EuroCucina 2024 Unox Casa presented “Starred Living”, an exhibition aimed at the luxury lifestyle where haute cuisine becomes the centerpiece of the domestic experience in exclusive living spaces, revolutionizing the very essence of their owners’ lives and elevating them to a starry status.

The Unox Casa booth also hosted the SuperOven Experience, an exclusive culinary demonstration where Unox chefs delighted guests with a three-course menu. This experience is key to the public’s perfect understanding of the brand’s new products.

Also new this year was the presence of an open version of the SuperOven Experience. In fact, thanks to the new “Open Experience”, chefs were able to demonstrate the extraordinary performance of Model 1 to all architects, designers and end customers who attended the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024.


At EuroCucina 2024 Whirlpool launched the new WCollection Kitchen Suite of built-in appliances, which fully embodies the brand’s focus on wellness through a perfect mix of cutting-edge functionality, style and elegance. The innovative design and advanced features aim to “free one’s mind” simplifying everyday actions and allowing people to focus on more important things. The launch of this range underlines the brand’s commitment to creating products in line with customers’ needs and tastes, providing high-level products that help them in their daily routine.

WCollection oven and induction hob

The new WCollection oven perfectly embodies the concept of a simpler user experience, The Food Sensing Probe, equipped with 6th Sense Technology, is the first to be capable of monitoring both the cooking of dough and liquid bases (as in the case of a cake or lasagna), and solid foods such as meat, fish, etc. Whatever the dish in the oven, the innovative probe monitors and adjusts the cooking temperature, ensuring perfect results, without having to guess the cooking times yourself. Furthermore, the WCollection oven allows you to express your full potential thanks to functions for steam cooking, sous vide cooking and AirFrying, designed to make the use of appliances intuitive and achieve high-level results.

On the other hand, Whirlpool’s next-generation WCollection induction hob allows you to set the temperature and cook without worrying about it thanks to a revolutionary new function that reduces continuous control during cooking to a minimum. Thanks to HeatControl, you can choose the exact temperature required for the recipe and it will stay the same throughout the process, ensuring the best results with little effort. This function translates into less time spent monitoring the cooking phases and less worry about the final result.


At EuroCucina 2024 Beko confirmed its commitment to promoting a more responsible lifestyle for both the individual and the entire planet, with technological solutions that respect the environment’s resources.

Among the many new products is the Midnight collection of built-in appliances, recently awarded the prestigious iF Design Award.

The fil rouge of the collection are the dark tones tending towards “night” in the grey and anthracite Pantone range, matte and satin finishes that create a unique and natural effect. A special detail is the retro handle that contrasts with the linear modern design.

The Midnight Line includes two ovens that differ in the electronic interface series, two induction hobs in 80-cm and 60-cm sizes, and two inclined hoods in 90-cm and 60-cm sizes. Completing the collection are a combined refrigerator and built-in dishwasher with a matching panel and external controls.

The oven encapsulates the aesthetic essence of the range and is distinguished by an iconic element, the modern-retro handle that gives the product and the entire line a unique and timeless personality.


At EuroCucina 2024 Bertazzoni presented brand new finishes with aesthetic concepts completely new to the world of home appliances, innovations in the Cold System and a major focus on induction technology.

This year Bertazzoni is enriching its Heritage Series with precious finishes with the brand new Gold finish, inspired by the centuries-old craftsmanship tradition of Italian master goldsmiths. It features real gold plating with a special high-gloss treatment that protects the product against the wear and tear of daily use, guaranteeing perfect condition at all times and enhancing every design detail, from knobs to handles.

This special finish embellishes the built-in ovens of the Heritage Series, refined descendants of the original wood-burning stoves designed by Bertazzoni from the early 1900s, and in particular the 60-cm electric built-in oven.

With a 76-liter cavity, this impeccably designed multifunction oven (F609HEREKTAG) features the distinctive analog thermometer and two knobs to aid optimal cooking control. The elegant stainless-steel frame integrated with Gold corners, handle and knobs make the Heritage oven unique in terms of Made in Italy design. The new Gold finish is also available for the 60-cm pyrolytic oven with 11 functions and high-resolution TFT touch display.

Maximum expression of an efficient, versatile and safe way of cooking are the 80-cm induction cooktop with integrated hood, and the 90 cm Air-Tec free-standing kitchen from the Professional Series, a unique model on the market, equipped with an induction hob with integrated hood and a multifunction oven: three products in one with a high engineering profile.

Cooktop and freestanding kitchen

The P804ICH2M37NT cooktop, winner of numerous design awards, combines cooking and suction in one appliance thanks to the premium integrated hood with unique design. The excellent performance of the four-zone cooktop combines with that of the integrated hood, which boasts 10 different speeds and 100% safe automatic suction control preventing liquid spills.

Recently awarded an iF Design Award, the 90-cm Air-Tec PROCH94I1EART freestanding kitchen includes three appliances in one: induction cooktop, multifunction oven and extractor hood, complementing the advanced technology of the Professional Series with its iconic and unmistakable style, enhanced by the same color finishes applied to Italy’s most famous luxury sports cars.


The new iQ700 oven range is the focus of Siemens studioLine’s premium product line presented at EuroCucina 2024. Each model in the line is connected and empowered by AI to deliver exceptional cooking results and a high level of flexibility throughout the user’s cooking experience.

The numerous smart functions combined with an extremely intuitive full touch interface, in terms of logic and mode of use, allow users to be independent of time and place: no more waiting next to the oven to achieve perfect cooking.

A highlight of the StudioLine iQ700 oven range is the browning sensor, which allows users to select the desired level of browning for the dish being cooked on a scale of one to five. Guided by a camera and with the support of artificial intelligence, the oven is able to cook food the way each user wants. Once the desired level of browning is reached, the oven automatically turns off and sends a notification via the Home Connect app.

Home Connect and high resolution touch display

iQ700 ovens can be controlled via voice commands and, thanks to theHome Connect app , the appliances can also be given any command remotely, whether it’s to start or end cooking programs, change settings, or receive suggestions on the most correct settings based on the dish you want to prepare thanks to the new cooking assistant.

The cookControl Pro feature allows users to select the finishing touch for cooking each dish, for example, quick, juicy or crispy. The oven automatically applies the right settings and turns off when the dish is ready.

Also the fullSteam Plus function allows food to be prepared in a healthier and more sustainable way: with the balanced combination of steam and heat, food is cooked up to 120°C and up to 20% faster than with the fullSteam function set at 100°C. At the same time, this process preserves the color and freshness of ingredients.

Another function designed for a perfect cooking experience is offered by the roastingSensor Plus sensor, which measures the temperature at three different points on the meat for maximum precision. On the other hand, the bakingSensor Plus sensor monitors the moisture level in the oven during the fully automatic cooking process, ensuring excellent results. All features can be viewed and managed via the Home Connect app, which keeps users updated on estimated cooking time.

Signature Kitchen Suite

Signature Kitchen Suite presented the latest additions to its collection of high-end built-in appliances at EuroCucina 2024. On display at the stand designed by the award-winning Italian-Danish architecture firm GamFratesi was the complete range of products available in Europe, including the French Door 48″ combined refrigerator – an absolute novelty –, the 24″ oven with Gourmet AI™, the All-Free 36″ induction hob and the 36″ Downdraft hood.

French Door 48”

The French Door 48” is a combined fridge freezer characterized by large and versatile spaces, customizable compartments and advanced technology. It is composed of five separate compartments for a total capacity of 735 liters: a double-door refrigerator, three-drawer freezer and a convertible drawer. The double-door refrigerator is equipped with an extremely sophisticated internal organization system, with five shelves, two Crisper drawers with telescopic guides and soft closing and six removable ABS inserts. The cold water dispenser integrated into the side door is the design solution that does not reduce the useful space of the refrigerator. One of the three freezer drawers (from -23°C to -15°C) is equipped with a practical automatic integrated icemaker able to make ice cubes or spheres.

Maximum flexibility and precision are ensured by the convertible drawer, which can use custom settings in five different modes, indicated for the preservation of meat and fish (-1°C), for cold drinks (1°C), as a food refrigerator (3°C) and for chilled wine (5°C). Alternatively, it can automatically match the temperature of the freezer drawers, increasing their capacity.

24″ Oven with Gourmet AI™

The 24″ Oven with Gourmet AI™ offers state-of-the-art features enhanced with artificial intelligence to elevate the user’s dining experience. Equipped with Gourmet AI™ technology, it can identify what is being cooked and automatically select the appropriate cooking mode from 130 pre-set recipes. Gourmet AI also allows the user to actively control the cooking process, alerting them via the ThinQ™ app as soon as the food is ready. Using video recognition, the smart oven can suggest the optimal settings for the dish being prepared, while real-time video monitoring and timelapse recording make it easy to check the cooking process via the ThinQ app.

Thanks to ProBake technology, the new oven provides even heat and rapid and efficient cooking with an A++ energy rating. LG’s innovative technology rotates the convection fan back and forth to ensure shorter preheating times, even heating, and crispier results when using the Air Fry mode. The unique InstaView™ technology further enhances user convenience by making it possible to see inside by simply knocking twice on the oven door.

Free Zone 36″ induction cooktop

The 36″ Free Zone Induction Cooktop provides even more flexibility and ease of use by allowing pans of any size and type, from paella pots to mocha pots, to be placed anywhere on the cooking surface. Built-in AI technology automatically detects the position of the cookware and its temperature, automatically lowering the heat when necessary and thus helping to reduce spills and splattering when boiling water or preparing soups and sauces.

Downdraft Hood 36″

Made to blend seamlessly into islands and countertops, Signature Kitchen Suite’s 90-centimeter integrated hood presents a sleek and sophisticated look with its black glass and modern frame design. It also provides powerful ventilation, effectively extracting steam and odors for a significantly more enjoyable cooking experience.

Discover the new LG Electronics refrigerators at EuroCucina 2024

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